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The official ball of the Basketball Africa League features improvements you can feel and see with updated internal construction, and dawns a brighter exterior colour
in Electric Orange.


» UPDATED OPTICS: The other features of this ball are things you can feel, but can‘t see. This new ball dawns a fresh colour, in an Electric Orange.
Delivering better on-court visuals, as well as an updated look that athletes can‘t miss.
» ENHANCED TOUCH: The Evo NXT‘s Super Soft Core gives extra cushioning for better control and softer touch around the rim.
» MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: The Micro-Touch Cover uses an extra layer of texture on the pebbled cover to create double-layered grip that channels away moisture.
» EXTENDED RANGE TECH: The core construction optimally balances the weight of the Evo NXT, making it easier to shoot from long range


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