It’s strange old times and they do say that timing is everything. 

After months of planning and lining up every detail for what would have been the companies big launch in the big apple on St Patrick’s day, two million people in one place for one day with the big Michael Conlan fight in Madison Square Garden.
Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, Covid 19 had us up against the ropes early in the first round, we came out swinging and here we are.

The stars are aligning for round 2, the roster of clients is growing, the range of products are growing, and we will come out of this stronger.
Sean ‘The Public Nuisance’ McComb is the latest star to launch his merchandise with the company and the pieces are hot! Sean is a great guy to work this and we see this as the start of things to come, quality pieces for his current and future fans (Bang Bang Gravy Chip).

Our New Era Range is proving to be more popular than we ever imagined, Chicago Bulls, LA Raiders, NY Yankees, Boston Celtics stock all flying out the door, Keep your eye out for more new styles in the coming weeks.

A big shout out to everyone that has helped us this far, your efforts & support will never be forgotten.

Round 2…….