Around nine months ago we talked about strange times, but strange times have now become the norm, yet we keep moving forward.

We have been fortunate to be able to keep moving forward. We have been able to add more ranges to the site with Kronk, Pure Athlete, Ireland Replica and our teamwear addition of Kappa to the ranks.

We launched eleven clubs/gyms on our new ClubRoom facility allowing clubs to;

  • Have a dedicated ClubRoom page enabling the whole club to order, pay and personalize their pieces.
  • Get 10% back at the end of each year for all clubroom and equipment purchases.
  • Have access to some of the biggest brands with Kappa, Under Armour, BLK & Box Inc along with our own fully customizable SB range.

Our roster of merchandise partners is ever expanding.

  • Jason Quigley
  • Jono Carroll ‘King Kong’
  • Michael Conlan
  • Sean McComb ‘Public Nuisance’
  • Tommy McCarthy ‘Mac Attack’
  • Tyrone McKenna ‘Mighty Celt’
  • Caoimhin Agyarko ‘Black Thunder’
  • Kiefer Cosgrove ‘BDK’
  • James McGivern
  • Muhammad Waseem – ‘Team Falcon’
  • Paul McCullagh ‘Irish Drago’
  • Lee Reeves
  • Kieran Farrell Promotions

And we have only just added;

  • Paddy Donovan ‘TRD’
  • And the new JG Collection from James Gallagher

There is so much more in the pipeline.

Lockdown or no lockdown we keep moving forward.

‘Nobody does it like we do’